About Us
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Space, matter and time are what we look into when we embark on a development. When building a physical space, we carefully study the matter to be used and we will not be constrained by time.

More than a physical structure, we strive to develop a feeling and connection. Connecting people and building intimacies.

Every project that we do, be it residential or commercial, we will follow the same principle. Our approach to development is called M360. Similar to our understanding that a perfect circle is almost impossible to be drawn by unaided hands, we use M360 to guide our way to perfect the development.

From planning to design and construction, M360 is used to help us focus and achieve perfection.

Every project that we undertake, we develop it like we are building our own. We do not just build, we craft. We craft to ensure that we have an end product that is of great value and can be passed to the next generation.

Our Purpose
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Sustainable future is what we aim to attain and green construction is what we adopt and do. Our projects have attained Green Building Index certifications and in 2015, we were the first and only one in the country to achieve the Gold standard for Township Planning.

Our actions are motivated by the best in class, and we strive to do even better, in style and with elegance.

We pursue best practices and are always in search of the latest innovation to bring the most beautiful concepts to life.

This is what makes every one of our project a marvel.

Our Vision
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To deliver the greatest value for the security of the present and the generations to come.

Our Mission
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To create value by crafting every development to a noteworthy level and also over-delivering in areas that matter most to our stakeholders.

Brand Values
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The company has the wisdom to foresee what the market needs and the know-how to create value for its stakeholders.

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We always adopt the latest technology, methodology and innovate to deliver the best in every single development that we undertake.


We care, we are committed, and we are honest in all our dealings to forge lifelong relationships.