What is M360?
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M360 is Marvelane’s unique, holistic approach to answering the question “What makes an ideal home?” Why are certain homes more desirable and appreciate faster than others?

Through research insights, Marvelane identified the multiple elements that make a home ‘desirable’. We then developed the M360 approach – a systematic way of looking at every angle in the planning, designing and building of our products, whereby from the drawing board to the construction site we incorporate each facet of the ‘ideal home’ until perfection is achieved. So what makes an ideal home?

An ideal home means different things to different people – to some, it may be a place that signifies their success in life, to others, it is a place that reminds them of their childhood and a loving home. Nevertheless, in our research, we found that there are 8 clear elements that most people identify as important in their concept of an ideal home:


The moment you step into a home and you just know it feels right – this is because of its ambience. It is the combination of several positive factors – environmental calmness or serenity, views fengshui, nature; and lack of negative factors such as noise pollution, mess or crowdedness. M360 developments take care to provide the best possible ambience for all customers through site selection, design, landscaping and beautification.


A home is not meant to last a lifetime, but many, many lifetimes. M360 products are not just a home, but a legacy. All M360 products will be built to Qlassic or Conquas quality standards to ensure the best build quality and a long lasting product.

Security & Community

The importance of safety cannot be overestimated. M360 homes provide peace of mind with minimum 3-tier gated and guarded security with 24 hour patrol. Yet within the safety of our secured gates, our homes are designed to be open and borderless to foster a sense of community and friendliness.

Fair Value Background
Fair Value

This encompasses the cost element of a home. Whether luxurious or modest, we believe a home should be fairly priced and easy to maintain. From the early design stages, we account carefully for cost elements and aim to create a product that is beautiful yet efficient and easy to maintain. To our M360 customers, this translates to a better product and better value.

Location & Accessibility

Location is everything. To us, a desirable address is important – but we look much deeper than that. The site itself is the development’s raw material and like all quality products; goodness starts from the very beginning. An M360 product takes into account key location factors such as the desirability of the neighbourhood, demographic composition, infrastructure and ease of accessibility, public transport proximity, distances to key places, quality of surroundings and site terrain. Having identified these, we then create a masterplan that maximises the land itself and best fits and complements its surroundings.

Amenities & Facilities

Facilities are lifestyle elements such as swimming pools, jogging tracks, gyms and gardens that have become a need to the discerning. Amenities are shopping malls, schools, restaurants and public spaces. M360 products ensure that a rich variety of facilities and amenities are provided within a convenient distance to our homes.

Design & Techology

Design and technology are what drives us forward to a better way of life. An M360 product is the perfect marriage of both of these. We take pride in creating aesthetically beautiful homes that are well conceived, functional and relevant. To us, every square foot must serve a purpose – useless, dead spaces are a carnal sin. Our incorporation of technology such as broadband infrastructure serves to add convenience and connectivity to the neighbourhood.


A key element of M360 products is that they create a sustainable environment for future generations. All M360 products are genuinely green, with GBI (Green building index) certification, given in recognition of developments that incorporate energy efficiency, water savings, better connectivity, recycling and waste management.